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"Fight Fair" is Out Now

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The video for our new single, "I'm Still as Spoiled as the Day I Was Born," was directed by Evan Cutler Wattles.

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Arriving in a poppy Trojan Horse, Dream Version is here to blitz the romantic myth of the countercultural rock ‘n’ roll icon with an abrasive mix of candid introspection and wry detail.


Dream Version hypothesizes that Kurt Cobain spent thirty minutes a week folding laundry, and their mission is to remind you of that idea.  Arriving in a poppy Trojan Horse, Dream Version is here to blitz the romantic myth of the countercultural rock ‘n’ roll icon with an abrasive mix of candid introspection and wry detail. Since they formed in 2013, Dream Version has consistently reminded their hometown of Chicago that we’re all human and none of us heroes.

On their second album Fight Fair, the band focuses on their own inconsistent devotion to their ideals. With quirky, cerebral songs, Alec Jensen, frontman and songwriter, admits his privileged point of view, and the band collectively face palms when confronted with their own idleness vs. world injustices. As Jensen admits, he sees evil around him that needs to be fought, but a cocktail of poisonous psychological ingredients prevents him from ever taking action: a guilty Protestant’s need to focus on addressing the evil in himself, the empathetic drive to understand and even love evil people, and the need to simply get through his own day. The result is a detailed account of the psychological slapstick that turns a wannabe protester into a mere frustrated bystander.

With continuing inspiration from The Kinks, but an added dose of punk aggression from The Fall and Wire, Fight Fair is urgent and complex, but easily accessible. Dream Version continues to tour the Midwest in support of their new record.

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Saturday, 3/10/18 Schuba's, Chicago, IL 9 PM, $10(advance), $12 w/ Arlie & Sam Vicari. 18+ Info

Saturday, 4/7/18 The Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL 8 PM, $12.  w/ Vundabar & Ratboys.  17+  Info

Spring & Summer Dates Coming Soon!



Friday, 1/26/18 Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL 9 PM, $10(advance), $12. w/ Partner & Anna Burch.  Info

Monday, 12/18/17 Schubas, Chicago, IL, 8 PM. w/ Sports & Soft Glas. 18+

Saturday, 12/2/17 The Oasis, Grayslake, IL, 6 PM. All Ages.

Saturday, 11/18/17 No Culture, Columbus, OH, 8 PM. w/ Damn the Witch Siren & Army of Infants.

Saturday, 9/30/17 Quenchers Saloon, Chicago, IL, 9 PM, $8. w/ Westerners, CS Luxem, & Rev Gusto. 21+

Friday, 9/29/17 Gregory House, Kalamazoo, MI, 9 PM. w/ Purple Lemurs & Temporary Arrangement

Saturday, 9/23/17 The Brass Rail, Ft. Wayne, IN, 10 PM. w/ Void Reunion.

Saturday, 8/12/17 Red Brick Bar, Norman, OK, 9 PM, Free. w/ The March Divide, City of the Weak, & Scars Heal in Time. 21+

Friday, 8/11/17 Cheer Up Charlie's, Austin, TX, 9PM, Free. w/ Rareluth, Real Dom, Terror Pigeon, & Total Unicorn. 21+

Wednesday, 8/9/17 Foam, St. Louis. MO, 9PM, $5. w/ Jeske Park & True Friends. All ages

Friday, 7/21/17 Trixies Bar, Hamtramck, MI, 8PM, $7. w/ Chronic Tan, Elizabeth Devlin, Tryancareagain, & Vinny Moonshine. 21+

Wednesday, 7/19/17 The Smiling Moose, Pittsburgh, PA, 10PM. w/ OUAIS & Cape Cod. 21+

Tuesday, 7/18/17 D-Beatstro, Toronto, Ontario, 7PM, $10. w/ Straight to Business & Yeomans. All ages

Monday, 7/17/17 Brasserie Beaubien, Montreal, Quebec, 9PM, $8 w/ Manners & Lady Gregory. 21+

Saturday, 7/15/17 The Gutter, Brooklyn, NY, 9PM, $5. w/ Psychic Selves, Preceders, & Carolla Lovelace. 21+

Friday, 7/14/17 The Delancey, New York, NY, 7PM, $10. 21+

Thursday, 7/13/17 Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA, 8PM, $7. w/ Pneumagon & Rabbits to Riches. 21+

Wednesday, 7/12/17 Slash Run, Washington D.C., 9PM, w/ Teen Mortgage & Burnt Seeds. 21+

Tuesday, 7/11/17 The Juggling Gypsy, Wilmington, NC, 9PM. w/ Nevernauts & Helichopter. 

Monday, 7/10/17 The World Famous, Athens, GA, 9PM, $3 under 21, $3 donation 21 and over. w/ Doug Hoyer & Forbidden Waves. All Ages.

Sunday, 7/9/17 Urban Artifact, Cincinnati, OH, 9PM, Free. w/ Slow Glows & The Night Divided. All ages.

Saturday, 7/8/17 Record Release Show,  LINCOLN HALL, Chicago, IL, 8PM, $10. w/ Marrow, Soft Candy, & The Baby Magic.


Check out a full list of past shows here.


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Directed by Patrick Betzold.  From Fight Fair (2017).

Directed by Evan Cutler Wattles.  From Beginners (2015).

Fight Fair (released July 7, 2017).  Recorded and mixed by Dorian Gehring at Foxhall.  Mastered by Matthew Banhart at Chicago Mastering Service.


Beginners (released 2015).  Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Christopher Gilbert.

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Fight Fair is available on 12" black vinyl with a lyric sheet via Bandcamp.


T-Shirts in a variety of designs and colors are available at our Bandcamp store.

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Our debut album Beginners is available as a digital download from the following stores:

Bandcamp (Available via download and CD)



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